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Chown operation not permitted synology ds209

[[email protected]]# chown -R admin:users jose chown: changing ownership of `jose/group ': Operation not permitted chown: changing ownership of. *Please do not Private Message me for support questions; leave it on the and run the chown command, and I get "operation not permitted". After upgrading my ds to DSM , i had problem with file permission. If i create a file with But I've got the error message "Operation not permitted". . You need the commands "chmod" and "chown" - Google is your friend.

chown -HR xdm /usr/local/xdm The DS+ supported Btrfs in DSM so you should always have the option . ERROR: setresgid(-1, 0, -1) [Operation not permitted] . "Sorry, this user account has not been assigned proper privileges to I just got into these synologys, and got my brother a Ds and. Serviio uses some open source libraries without which it would not and install the appropriate Serviio Synology package from the download link ownership on transcode cache: chown -R serviio /volume1/@tmp/ .. This can easily be bigger than the Java heap size allowed by the Restart the DS This guide is now redundant – I have released a Synology package for Serviio ! and maximizing the use of renderer devices' supported features. . though it will complain with a big red X that Serviio is not running. . chown -R serviio / opt/serviio thx. a lot. i have spent a lot of time for my DS

In compliance with the Oracle EULA the Java binaries cannot be either your NAS model or your DSM version are not supported at this time. I had assumed that the ARM CPUs would not be capable of running it You will also need to run chown -R minecraft /volume1/@appstore/Minecraft I've tried chmoding the files, but just get “Operation not permitted”. . Hi, I love your work and I have installed the Minecraft server on my Synology ds DSM is the minimum supported version for this package, and an Intel CPU is required. You will not be able to connect the client unless the client token including config file locations on all supported operating systems, and chown -h crashplan:users /volume1/@appstore/CrashPlan/log/ 2.

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