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How to appraise a carwash

Tricky Task — Appraising a Self-Service Car Wash. By Patrick Crowe. How can one appraiser claim a wash has a fair market value of $, while his. How to value a car wash. By: Roger A. Pencek – MBA. October 28, So you want to know that a car wash (Full Service, Express and Self Service) is worth. There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to assessing a value to an existing car wash business and determining the potential.

To this end, the author, an experienced car wash owner, presents firsthand knowledge, appraisal methodologies, and case studies of actual operating car. Conversely to the MAI appraiser, there is the OOV. In this case, carwash consultants or persons like myself craft an appraisal for a fee of. A bank had my car wash appraised for a new loan. The appraiser insisted that using Cost Approach is the only acceptable way. Of course the.

If you have appraised a carwash then I'm sure you know how tough it is to find good comps. This carwash is on a busy intersection with 40k. A friend of mines father has asked me to help him value a car wash (self-serve) that he is considering purchasing. Let me know your thoughts. Founder Peter Siegel with the help of car wash brokers discuss how to This quick equation will give you a fair market value for a car wash for sale. Herron Companies performed its first car wash appraisal in Since then we have appraised hundreds of washes. Today, we are recognized as one of the.

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