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How to make an egyptian sistrum

color poster sistrum No one really knows what music sounded like in ancient Egypt, but we do know what some of their instruments used during. Summary: A sistrum is a hand-held percussion instrument that dates back to Ancient Egypt. Make your own with items from around the house. Learn about ancient Egypt with this fun musical craft that dates back to the time of the pyramids! Park of the Middle Eastern North Africa

How to Make a Sistrum -homemade musical instruments. Rena Jones: An Egyptian Sistrum Summer Camp Crafts, Camping Crafts, Vbs Crafts. Daria shows you how to make your own Sistrum, an ancient Egyptian instrument, out of a wire coat hanger, electrical tape and buttons!. Make your own Ancient Egyptian musical instrument, the sistrum, in this easy craft activity for kids. // I bet this could be improved upon to make a more.

In ancient Egyptian art, the sesheshet sistrum was often depicted being Known as sekhem or sekham, this sistrum had a simple, hoop-like.

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