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How to remember the london knowledge

Download Your Blue Book Runs And Guide To Taking The London Knowledge. If remembering the knowledge runs isn't hard enough in itself to learn in. I found a blog by someone did The Knowledge of London exam. The cab drivers in London have to memorize a huge amount of information – according to the blog, it takes an average of years of study before someone can pass the test. My Experience of the Process London’s cabbies. A London taxi driver needs to memorize 25, streets. . larger since then, and so has the knowledge that prospective cab drivers must retain.

I'd finally been awarded the coveted green badge; the small, oval-shaped, metal brooch which allowed me to go out onto London's streets and ply for hire. The Knowledge of London taxi knowledge test is considered one of the most Although you're learning the landmarks as well, remember to pay attention to the . The examination to become a London cabby is possibly the most difficult test in the world — demanding years of study to memorize the.

But first he has to memorize nearly every street and landmark in London as part of a process called the Knowledge. Put in place in , the. London cabbies spend years memorizing the city's streets. Anyone who wants to drive a cab must memorize them all. This arcane body of knowledge is called, in typical British understatement, The Knowledge. substitute for constantly travelling the routes. • Remember that London is an ever- changing city and 'Knowledge of London' candidates must continually maintain.

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