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How to see comment id facebook

/{comment-id}. A comment can be made on various types of content on Facebook. GET /v/{comment-id} HTTP/ Host: /* PHP SDK. The same permissions required to view the parent object are required to view comments GET /v/{object-id}/comments HTTP/ Host: It is strange - it appears facebook has just started to change the format for their comments. This may have something to do with comment.

Find your Facebook numeric post ID easy via our free tool!. Tutorial: Finding a Post or Comment ID on Facebook A common To get a post_id for a particular post, simply click the timestamp at the bottom. comment_ID (integer) The comment ID comment_post_ID (integer) The post ID of the associated post comment_author (string) The comment author's name.

How to Find a Friend's Comments on Facebook. This wikiHow teaches you how to quickly find a friend's response to a Facebook post that has many comments. I'm creating comments on tickets using the REST API (and the Ruby gem) - but once I create a comment I can't get the ID of the new comment. How can I unhide a comment someone mentioned me in a post on Facebook? How do I control who can see comments made on my Facebook posts?.

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