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New who doctor who quiz which doctor

Many people watch Doctor Who, but do they really know the show? This quiz will test the reaches of your knowledge of seasons A true expert will fly through. And we've updated the quiz to include recent developments. So, thirteen Doctors (including the War Doctor), thirteen questions, with thirteen answers each. The first part of the Ultimate Doctor Who Fan Quiz: Modern Who! Can you get all 30 right?.

hehehee I'm the tenth doctor. Like · Reply · 3y. Elaine Cooper. i am amy pond cool. Like · Reply · 3y · Gillian Cross. amy pond woohoo. Like · Reply · 3y. Melissa. Doctor Who is one of the longest running shows in TV history. It has given us plenty of laughs and made us cry multiple times. Ever wondered. Trivia quiz questions on the British sci-fi show, Doctor Who. Doctor Who Series One Episode Quiz. This quiz will test your Easy New Doctor Who Quiz.

Scroll to Start Quiz. 1. When did the new series "Doctor Who" first air? . 2. In the United Kingdom, the BBC broadcasts the series "Doctor Who. Question 1/ Oh no, your friend has just accidentally squirted mustard all over her new pants. You Laugh at them; Console them by saying their older pants. Can you name the Doctor Who episodes from to the present? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to. 74 different Doctor Who Quizzes on Check out Here are our most popular Doctor Who quizzes. Important Doctor Who Characters (new series).

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