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The smiler crash what happened in paris

Alton Towers Smiler crash: Four seriously hurt. 2 June Eyewitnesses reported hearing "a loud crash" when the crash happened at But The Smiler rollercoaster is at the centre of a major investigation after 16 people were trapped when two carriages crashed, leaving four. CCTV shows the brutal 90mph impact of devastating Smiler crash . Alton Towers theme park Smiler ride accident victims Leah Washington.

Immediate aftermath of Smiler roller coaster accident .. Paris-based Reverchon Industries SA, which manufactured and supplied the ride, was. An operator of a ride at Alton Towers which crashed and seriously injured five The Smiler ride has been closed since the accident (PA). Smiler ride accident victims Leah Washington and Joe Pugh outside Read more Alton Towers fined £5m after crash that left five seriously.

Smiler crash victim Joe Pugh and girlfriend Leah Washington, who had Scene at Alton Towers after an accident on the Smiler rollercoaster. Footage of the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash that left five Smiler ride accident victim Vicky Balch and her mother Karen, arrive at court on.

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