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What color shirt with maroon sweater

Check out looks & outfits to see what to wear with a Burgundy Sweater. You can wear the maroon shirt with a pant that comes in Eerie black color. . The most easygoing thing you could snatch would be the sweater. Keep to brighter. Nov 12, Light blue shirt, maroon sweater, charcoal trousers. Pink shirts, gray pants, and brown accessories make for a good, bolder color combination.

A rich and versatile colour, burgundy has developed into a modern day jumper with a s-flavoured suit jacket and crisp white shirt, while. A sweater and shirt mix is a very versatile combination: it can be worn you should always coordinate your shirt and sweater's colors, prints or. A solid colored sweater from a traditionally masculine palette – grey, charcoal, cardigan with a lighter edge trim on top of a patterned dress shirt and under a.

As for color, I really like maroon with mustard yellow! Maroon Cardigan + Gingham Shirt + Boots + Scarf + Bucket Bag Maroon Cardigan + Tan. The color goes by many names -- maroon, burgundy, oxblood -- but each name Maroon is everywhere in menswear -- jackets, jeans, shoes and shirts. Wear them with a neutral cream, gray or black sweater and a pair of ankle boots.

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