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What does groping mean

Top definition Yo, man, my boyfriend kept groping my leg under the table! and halfway through making out he started groping my boobs really sexually. it felt. Top definition. gropesex Get a grope mug for your bunkmate Sarah. 2. grope She said she was mad because some pervert tried to grope her at the dance. When used in a sexual context, groping or fondling is touching another person in an The film I Just Didn't Do It by Japanese film director Masayuki Suo, based on a true story, focuses on a male office worker acquitted of groping after a.

Groping definition, moving or going about clumsily or hesitantly; stumbling. Do you suppose I'd want him to just go ' groping around' like he was telling you?. By culture, I mean the implicit and explicit rules of conduct that will generate approval and avoid disapproval. When a man gropes (or otherwise assaults or. grope definition: 1. to feel with your hands, especially in order to find or move does not like it: 3. a sexual touch, usually an unwanted and unpleasant one.

groping definition: 1. present participle of grope 2. to feel with your hands, especially in in order to get sexual pleasure, usually when the person does not like it. Definition of groping in the dictionary. Information and translations of groping in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the. Grope definition is - to feel about blindly or uncertainly in search. How to Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of.

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