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What is gaming evolved app

In a nutshell, the Gaming Evolved App (GEA) is AMD's attempt to bring another value add feature to the Radeon brand. And although AMD will. The Gaming Evolved App was back in as part of the Radeon series launch. The utility launched as a settings optimization service. I currently do not have it installed and uninstalled it the first time I downlaoded it as it was messing up my settings for my games and stopping.

Moreover, the latest version of both Raptr (vr) and AMD AMD Gaming Evolved installed an extra app, named PlaysTV, WITHOUT. AMD Gaming Evolved APP has been dropped by AMD and will no longer be supported, see what the company had to say in their official. Raptr's a popular PC gaming service that powers AMD's Gaming Evolved client-- and it's been hacked.

AMD has partnered with Raptr to release the AMD Gaming Evolved App, a downloadable desktop client designed to make "PC gaming as.

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