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What is nexera seeds

Omega-9 Canola Oil originates from Nexera™ brand canola seeds. More than a decade ago, Dow AgroSciences researchers used traditional plant breeding to. Production of omega-9 canola oils from Dow AgroSciences' patented Nexera seeds has surged % since as food manufacturers. Whether you prefer a production contract or increased flexibility with commodity canola, Brevant seeds has an ideal hybrid for you. Brevant seeds for Nexera.

High Performance Canola Seeds & Canola Hybrids for Western Canada by Dow AgroSciences. Mycogen Seeds is the only company in the United States that offers Nexera® canola hybrids. Our team of local experts is ready to help you get the most from. Product Overview. •. Nexera™ is Dow AgroSciences' proprietary canola seed that are grown to produce canola grain. When processed, the.

The seeds, known as NEXERA, have been developed through breeding to produce oils that have zero trans fat, are low in saturated fat and. Nexera® Canola Performance in. North Dakota and Minnesota. Joe Caroline1, Van Ripley2, Greg. Gingera2 and Larry Sernyk3. 1 Mycogen Seeds.

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