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Toca blocks how to make a diamond

How do you make a pink diamond I have no clue and I have played for a little while.., Toca Blocks Answers for the iPhone - iPad. Combine Blocks, Discover New Ones, and Build Your Own Worlds The main idea Fortunately, Toca Blocks allows you to make new block types by . (Polkadot + Red) + Polkadot = Pink Diamond; (Polkadot + Red) + Yellow. This is a uncomplete list of block recipes. Black Warp + Green = Climable Vine; Pink Bouncy Block + Polkadot = Pink Diamond; Pink Bouncy Block + Yellow.

I have 3 recipes for you. To make a Diamond follow these exact instructions. Pink block +multi sparkle block + multi sparkle block will give you. "When making things and making things up, you're also setting up an ever- changing rule set for yourself to create and play within." Mårten Brüggemann.

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