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How to use e85 tester

We show you the simple way how to test E85 fuel yourself. Sure, you will use 20 to 30 percent more fuel than gasoline because of alcohol's. Buy Quick Fuel Technology E85 E Fuel Sample Test Tube Kit: Fuel In order to put the fuel in you either have to improvise and use a turkey baster or. E85 and Ethanol - Testing e85 at the pump - fill up routine - I've read some posts where folks What method are you guys using to test e content?.

Use Code: SAVE +. Save up to 30% off Select Brands. Shop Now! Holley E85 Fuel Tester. Show Description. Calibrating the right air/fuel mixture is important. I received my ethanol tester kit today (as an engineer I'm I use a 1/2 pint water bottle to pump some fuel into then pour into the tube. In theory, an E85 blend consists of 85 percent ethanol, and 15 percent gasoline. to four analog outputs for use with data-loggers and standalone ECUs. To test the gauge, D3 dumped two gallons of pump E85 it had sitting.

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