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Where was the grease car scene filmed

Actual locations in L.A. where the movie Grease was filmed. The big dance contest (and some of the interior classroom scenes) were shot in East L.A., in the gym The big car race, near the end of "Grease", was filmed on the dry riverbed of. Actual locations in L.A. where the movie GREASE was filmed. "Grease" opens with a scene of 'Danny' (John Travolta) and 'Sandy' (Olivia Newton-John) frolicking on a beach Later, the boys show up outside the house in the car, and Rizzo. It's hard to imagine that 40 years ago this field was the filming the L.A. River to help inform his shots during the movie's famous drag race, Thunder Road. Though Kleiser shot a few Grease scenes on Paramount's backlot.

Grease is a American musical romantic comedy film based on the musical of the Kenickie arrives with a used car he plans on rebuilding so he can race it at Thunder Road, a popular street race spot; as he says this, . Furthermore, owing to budget cuts, a short scene was filmed at Hazard Park in Los Angeles. The drive-in movie scene was filmed at the now-extinct Pickwick Drive In The lineup for the big drag race is on the south side of the 6th Street. Filming locations for Grease, around Los Angeles, including Venice High School and The car racing sequence, where Sandy decides she doesn't want to be.

Grease () Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Filming Locations Miles Avenue, Huntington Park, California, USA: (classroom and big dance contest scenes) 6th Street Viaduct, Los Angeles, California, USA: (Thunder Road Car Race). “Grease,” with Olivia Newton John (center), began shooting on the Venice High . As for the only-in-L.A. “Thunder Road” drag-race location—the Sixth Street Viaduct? The backdrop for the outdoor carnival scene also remains: Los Angeles'. The last scene filmed for Grease was the scene where Stockard Channing and the Pink Ladies sing “Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee" in Rizzo's.

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