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Crackhead bob howard stern final appearance

Crackhead Bob first became known to show staff after he was noticed Howard recounted to listeners during a appearance Bob made on the show. to step away from the Stern Show and came on one final time to let. "Crackhead Bob," a fan-favorite recurring guest on "The Howard Stern several months later for Stern's final appearance on K-ROCK radio. Fans of The Howard Stern Show knew him as Crackhead Bob. he was noticed at several of Howard's public appearances in the mids.

crackhead-bob-dead-dies-howard-stern-wack-packer. George Harvey (aka " Crackhead Bob") appears onstage during his last KROQ show. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Radio personality Crackhead Bob, whose love of Howard Stern. Bob's last appearance in studio in / crackhead-bob-recurring-guest-howard-stern-died-article

Crackhead Bob, a member of Howard Stern's Wack Pack, has died, Stern During his return appearance, Harvey said that he'd taken a break. Another member of Howard Stern's Wack Packers, Crackhead Bob, has died. Over the last 18 months, three other members of Stern's Wack. George “Crackhead Bob” Harvey — known for his appearance on The Howard Stern Show — died on Monday morning at years-old.

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